Where Should A Greenhouse Be Placed?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2017

Here are a few of the most important issues to consider when deciding on the placement of your AGI custom greenhouse.

gh (2)Placement & Orientation
Most greenhouses are intended to house living plants, which means you’ll want to place your greenhouse in a position on your property where it will receive the most sunlight throughout the day.

Directionally, greenhouses fare best when oriented either north-south or east-west — orientation referring to the direction the ridge of the structure runs. If you plan to do winter growing, east-west tends to be the best bet for greenhouses built in northern latitudes (above 40 degrees). During the winter months, a greenhouse placed east-west will receive light through the south side of the greenhouse, and will receive it all day long. Alternatively, north-south orientation may be a better choice for your structure if you intend to grow primarily in the spring and summer. Ventilation is also an important aspect of spring and summer growing, as well as something to keep in mind if your greenhouse will be located in a southern latitude and/or a warmer climate. North-south orientation will improve ventilation for such applications.

As you’ve probably guessed, shade will limit the amount of sunlight your greenhouse receives, thus altering the temperature inside and limiting growing. Remember also that shade lines will differ between summer and winter. We recommend determining the height of any potential shade source (such as buildings, trees, hills) and then distancing your structure from it by at least two times the height of the object. It’s also important to note that locating your greenhouse a good distance from trees will minimize the risk of damage during inclement weather.

Drainage and Level Ground
Level ground is essential to the successful installation of your greenhouse, as is adequate space and slope for drainage. A location on elevated ground is ideal because it ensures runoff will flow away from the site, but if that is not possible, installing a simple piped drainage system will be the way to go. Keep in mind also what runoff may be coming from your home or other nearby structures on your property when you select your greenhouse site.

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