What Does a Glass Awning Cost?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2017

gc_14A glass awning or glass canopy is simply a cover over an entry way or walkway that provides the benefit of natural light.

The cost of a glass awning can vary widely depending upon design, materials used, and complexity of installation — but a good rule of thumb for AGI custom awnings is about $100 per square foot.

Glass awnings are typically constructed of a heavy tempered glass which can withstand wind, hail, and the occasional falling branch without a problem. Tempered glass also allows for a greater range of styles — it can be produced in colors and textures that aren’t available with standard monolithic glass. Frames for these glass systems are most often constructed of metal or aluminum, and can also be built with wood.

If you would like explore pricing and design options for your home, office or business, please contact Greg Carman of Architectural Glass, Inc.  AGI also builds English traditional greenhouses and can ship and install throughout the US and Canada.