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Create your own haven, a space apart, bridging the outdoors with a structure of infinite beauty and functionality. Allow us to custom design, build, and install an elegant glass enclosure to reflect your individual sense of style and enhance the beauty of your environment.


Deal direct with the manufacturer of affordable high quality glass structures, custom designed for your needs and crafted here in the USA.

Have questions? Browse our articles for answers to commonly ask questions, or call today for a phone consultation: 206.284.6947.

What does a glass awning cost?

  • What does a glass awning cost?
  • A glass awning is simply a cover over an entry way or walk way, but provides the benefit of natural light. Glass awnings are typically constructed of a heavy tempered glass, that can withstand wind, hail, and the occasional falling branch without a problem. These glass systems are most often constructed of metal or aluminum, […]

    Where to place a Greenhouse

  • Where to place a Greenhouse
  • There are many factors to consider when planning your new greenhouse. Afterall it is a decision you are going to have to live with so you may as well take time to do your research and make the right choice. Your area climate and light is a key component in your decision process. This article […]

    What does a Greenhouse Cost?

  • What does a Greenhouse Cost?
  • There is a very wide range to greenhouse costs. At the lowest end, owner built with recycled materials such as old window sash is the least expensive. Next, is plastic sheet covered wood or PVC pipe frame structures.  Second on price would be light gauge aluminum or wood with single glazed glass or polycarbonate glazing.  […]